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What parts do you play in your day-to-day life?

We are compelled to play multiple parts every day. Our attitudes vary more of less consciously depending on the situation and the people we encounter. This is the way we express our personality.

According to the theory of Transactional Analysis, we can alternately play the characters of "Parent", "Adult" and "Child" and, according to the logic of each of these roles, we may be in a domination, exchange or submissiveness position, and we may freely express our feelings or alternatively hold them back... Life can be compared to a theater where we wear various masks depending on the circumstances, but where we always follow a well-established script.

Understanding these communication games, these "transactions" between two or more people, deciphering them and analyzing our behavior, our words and our feelings can enable us to avoid becoming prisoners of a type of reaction and constantly replaying the same scene and the same role in a film which does not necessarily correspond to the deeper reality of our situation.

Knowing ourselves better and how others feel about us can prevent us from falling into traps, from too frequently reproducing the same errors and reliving the same situations in our relationships with others, whether it be as a couple, as a family, or in the professional context...

Transactional Analysis has been used for more than forty years for self-development, skill assessment and group dynamics.

To know yourself better and develop your personal potential:
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